Mini militia hack

Mini militia is a multiplayer online combat game and it was develop by Chad Towns and publish by itunes with the name of Doodle Army 2, mini militia hack it was played by 2 million players from all around the world daily for online combat for more fun, the main and great feature of this game we can play battle online with up to 8 player at once and we can play locally with friends throw blue tooth to for one on one matches, if you want to play with more fun so we have to buy the mini militia pro pack free and Battle Point to, here is a some alternate game to mini militia dead target hack.

mini militia hack

features of mini militia hack:

1. User have ability to play Online Multiplayer throw game center,
2. We can play Local Multiplayer with our friends throw Wifi or Bluetooth,
3. Very easy to control your character throw Intuitive Dual Stick Control,
4. Many new and old open world maps available for play,

More great features of mini militia Cheats:

1. For great more firth with enemy we can use rocket boots for extended vertical movement,
2. We can use Zoom control on many weapons for more closely shooting,
3. We can make a team for battle with enemy,

mini militia cheats

How to use mini militia cheats?

very easy to use mini militia cheats on your android and ios devices what you have to do just follow some simple steps below with the help of below steps you can easily get the mini militia pro pack free and mini militia invisible hack, another great alternate game head soccer cheats.

Features of mini militia cheats:

  • Works for jail-broken And non-jail-broken Devices and on android device also
  • Pro pack unlocked
  • Unlimited Battle points


  1. simply Download The hacked Files From link giving Below
  2. Extract downloaded files on your desktop!
  3. Put The Extracted Files Inside var/Mobile/Application/mini militia/Library/Preferences/  Throw Ifunbox
  4. Run Your Game Enjoy The Hack!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
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